Minute of Consent Orders (Financial – basic)


Are you and your ex looking to formalise your agreement on the distribution of your assets following a separation or divorce? The legal process can be complicated and costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Our basic financial Consent Order template (Minute of Consent Orders (Financial – basic)) can help you save time and money by allowing you to finalise your agreement without the need for a family lawyer.

Our template is designed for individuals who have simple financial arrangements, like a single item of real estate and a payout, and have come to an agreement on how to divide their assets. It’s easy to use and can be completed quickly, saving you from the stress and expense of prolonged legal proceedings. If your financial arrangements are more complex, refer to our Minute of Consent Orders (Financial – advanced) template.

Once you’ve completed and signed the template, you’ll need to file it with the Family Court of Australia or Family Court of Western Australia within 12 months of a divorce or two years since the end of a de facto relationship to make it legally binding.

CHECKLIST: Do You Need the Financial Consent Orders Example (Minute of Consent Orders (Financial – basic) Template?

This downloadable form will benefit you if all of the following apply to your circumstances:

  • You are going through divorce or separation
  • There are assets that need to be divided
  • You have basic financial structures involving a single item of real estate and a payout
  • You have reached an agreement regarding the distribution of your assets including property and cash (this does not include superannuation)
  • You wish to save on legal fees
  • You wish to formalise and make legally binding the agreement on the settlement of your property and assets
  • You wish to formalise the agreement yourself, without engaging a family lawyer
  • You will file the forms with the Family Court within two years from the end of a de facto relationship or within 12 months of divorce

If you have answered yes to all of the above, this template is for you!