Superannuation Splitting Order (for self-managed super funds)


Legal proceedings following the breakdown of a relationship can be stressful and time-consuming, particularly when it comes to dividing assets like a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF). However, with our Superannuation Splitting Order example template for self-managed super funds, you can be guided through the division of this asset.

Our Superannuation Splitting Order example template, for the division of a self-managed super fund, can be downloaded instantly.

A superannuation splitting order (for self-managed super funds) is essentially a payment to your ex out of your self-managed superannuation fund. When superannuation funds are split, a portion of your superannuation is transferred or rolled over to your ex’s super fund.

If both parties have reached agreement about a superannuation split and want to formalise the agreement to make it legally binding, you can apply for consent orders.

Superannuation Splitting Orders should be filed within 12 months of a divorce or two years from the end of a de facto relationship. If one, or both parties have self-managed super funds, that is, funds that are not industry-based, these funds may form part of the division of assets following separation.

This template only applies to self-managed super funds. For commercial superannuation funds see Superannuation Splitting Order (for commercial funds).

CHECKLIST: Do You Need the Superannuation Splitting Order (for self-managed super funds) Template?

To determine whether the Superannuation Splitting Order example will be of benefit to you consider if the following scenarios apply to you:

  • You are going through divorce or separation
  • You have a self-managed superannuation fund
  • You have decided to split the self-managed superannuation fund as part of the separation
  • You have reached an agreement on how the self-managed superannuation fund will be divided
  • You wish to formalise the agreement and make it legally binding
  • You wish to formalise the agreement yourself without engaging a lawyer

If you have answered yes to all of the above, this template is for you!